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Web Development

Web Development can be very simple or very complicated. Needs can very from business to business and from application to application. Roberts Computing Systems realizes the complexity of this endeavor and takes measures every step of the way to make sure that you end up with the web site you want and need and, most importantly, the web site you expect from the very beginning with no surprise endings. Roberts Computing Systems uses the following design model to ensure your satisfaction:

1 Concept - Roberts Computing Systems will communicate with a key contact within your company to clearly establish the concept that you desire and wish to present to the internet community.
2 Analysis - Based on the site concept, Roberts Computing Systems will do a complete site analysis to determine the best tools and technologies needed to achieve your goal.
3 Cost Analysis - Based on the site concept and analysis agreed upon in steps 1 and 2, Roberts Computing Systems will prepare a cost analysis of what it will take to build the desired site. Consideration will be given to the type of hosting service and technologies required.
4 Prototype - Once you have agreed to move on with the web development and you have reviewed the cost analysis, you will presented with prototypes of portions of your proposed web site. The prototypes will be a non-working model revealing the basic concepts that have been previously determined. While these are non-working, they will give you a feel for how the final site will look and function.
5 Approval - After establishing the concept, completed a cost analysis and viewed the prototype, you will be asked for an approval to proceed. This means that we are in agreement on the concept, cost, and basic design of your web site. We cannot proceed until we receive this approval from you.
6 Good Faith Deposit - A non-refundable deposit will be required before development can begin.
7 Development - Development begins.
8 Review - You will be asked several times to review the site as development progresses. This gives you a benchmark as to how the site is progressing and ensures that we remain "on track".
9 Implementation - Site is implemented as live and made available to the web.
10 Backup copy - A complete copy of all code generated for your web site will be furnished to you on CD for archival purposes. This is your code to do with as you wish.
As a courtesy, Roberts Computing Systems with work with you to create the appropriate meta tags needed to help your site be recognized and indexed by leading search engines. We will also submit your site to many of these search engines for you. Search Engine submission and rankinig is as much guess work and luck as it is scientific. Web sites that are ranked high one week, can fall significantly the next week for no apparent reason. We cannot guarantee your ranking, placing or acceptance with any search engine or portal. Utlimately it will be your responsibility to promote your web site and to participate in the submission process. We can give you several pointers for doing this. You may want to take advantage of our fee based web submission services.
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