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Search Engine Submission

Search engine submission can be critical for your site's success or failure. The old addage of "if you put it on the web, people will find it" does not always hold true. There are many factors that can help or hinder your web site search engine positioning. These factors range from page formatting, context, to meta tags.

RCS offers search submission services and advice for clients. Prices for this services vary depending on:

  • Number of pages
  • Meta tags that may be needed/geneated
  • Number of submissions and method of submitting used

We would be happy to give you a quote for your particuliar site.

Search services can include:

  • Scanning each document on your site, extracting key content words.
  • Generating and inserting meta tag statements into your pages.
  • Automatic submission to over 1,000 web sites/directories.
  • Manual submission to major search engines.

Please contact RCS for more information about obtaining these services for your site.

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