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Document Presentation Demo

Document Presentation allows you the ability to present documents to your site visitors in a clean and precise mannor. These documents can be word processing documents, scanned images, or materials created by a desktop publishing system.

Word Processing Documents. These may be user guides, articles that you have written for resale, how-to articles or anything that is document oriented. If they are for resale, they may be 'watermarked'. When the documents are downloaded and/or printed, they are sent in a PDF format. This prevents them from being modified and re-distributed.

Scanned Images. This type of presentation is particuliarly useful if you have technical drawings or a large amount of documents that would either be too time consuming or difficult to re-create in electronic form. This is also useful if you create a lot of how-to projects for resale. Scan in those projects for sale over the internet. Users can then download the step by step plans.

Desktop Publishing. Do you create a monthly newsletter, sales brochures, or other types of documents with a destop publishing program? Now you can create PDF documents that can be viewed and/or downloaded to you clients or employees without a lot of conversion to HTML type of code.

Click on the links below to see examples of document presentation. Note: you must have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer to view the PDF files. If would like to download a copy of Adobe Acrobat, click on one of the links at the bottom of the page (It's Free)! After you view the document, press the back button on your browser to return to this page.

Click Here to view a document created with a word processing program with a water mark

Click Here to view a scanned 'how-to' type of document

Click Here to view a newsletter that I produce using a desktop publishing program

Click on the image at right to download the Adobe Reader 16-Bit Version Adobe Acrobat Reader

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