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Mailbox add/change request form

Use this form to request a new mailbox/email address or to change information for an existing one.

Domain Name:
New Request Change Request

Mailboxes must have a name and are restricted to 8 characters. This is the name you will use in your mail proogram (outlook, Eudora, etc.) to acces the email system. Note: if the mailbox name you are requesting is already in use, an alternate may have to be assigned. If this is a change request, enter the current mailbox that you wish to change the information on.
Enter the desired name for this mailbox (case sensitive; example: juser):

Enter the 6-8 character password that you want to use for this account (case sensitive):

You now need to indicate the email address that you wish to associate with this mailbox (up to 50 characters, no spaces). This is the name that users will use to send to email (example: john.q.public, john_public, etc.). This will be the left hand side of your full email address before the @ (ex:, Any email sent to this address will be routed to your mailbox named above. Do not use any spaces.
Enter email address:

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