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KeyWords Seeker

Do not miss any important information.

Today, in internet era, there is a lot of information coming to us every day and reading all the e-mails, web pages, on-line documents and other files becomes time consuming. Almost any web site offers you to subscribe free e-mail newsletter but information you are consistently getting are not always interesting and worth reading. You often read a e-mail and delete it because you find nothing interesting in it. From other hand you do not want to miss worthy e-mails or overlook information rich web pages.

KeyWords Seeker helps you to decide if the e-mail you got or web page you entered might be interesting for you. The main idea is very simple: Within KeyWords Seeker, that silently runs showing just an icon in the system tray, you create a file of keywords that are interesting for you (keywords can be divided to several groups called vocabularies). When you enter a web page or open an e-mail and want to know if it is worthy to read just drag the KeyWords Seeker icon from the system tray and drop it on the document you have open on the screen. The KeyWords Seeker will "read" the document and searches it through for defined keywords. If some keywords are found then they are listed in a window for you. Depending on keywords found (or no keyword found) you can decide if the document is worthy further reading. Using KeyWords Seeker you never miss important information but save great volume of time not having to read everything you get.

KeyWords Seeker features:

  • User can define unlimited number of keywords and group them logically in vocabularies (for example, Interesting software , Interesting companies, etc.).
  • Three type of matching keywords: any, all, exact phrase.
  • Either keywords of selected vocabulary or all keywords are searched in the document.
  • Easy to use user interface.
  • While running, the program doesn't occupy space on your desktop.
Product Facts
Latest version: 1.0
Prices from: FREE

PC, Pentium 90MHz or better, 8MB RAM, mouse or compatible pointing device, keyboard, Windows 9x / NT / 2000 / XP.
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