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RCS Inventory Control

The RCS Inventory Control system of products provides the user with complete inventory accountability. The different modules completely interface with each other allowing complete flexibility from simple in/out systems to complete bills of material control. Packing lists may be generated and when interfaced with the RCS Accounts Receivable system, provides the ability for invoicing.

Future planned enhancements:

  • Convert to Windows - All systems are currently DOS programs and are in the process of being converted to windows. Functionality (with the exception of planned enhancements) will remain the same.
  • Linking to eCommerce - Interfaces to the two RCS supported eCommerce Shopping carts is planned for the near future. This function will allow you to upload all or portions of your inventory system directly to your on-line shopping cart system. You will also be able to download and process all of the orders received from your shopping cart orders. Inventory can be relieved and tracked.

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