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HTML Basics
Here are some links that were distributed in class (and maybe some extra ones).
Browser Downloads
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Apple Safari
HTML Editors
Here are several editors that you can use to edit html files. Note: They are NOT free, but are not reallly that expensive either. Most of these offer trial downloads for you to try. Remember, you can always use Notepad.

TextPad ($27.00) This is a good little editor for editing files.

Download CoffeeCup HTML Editor - Click Here
I get a little kickback on this one. It's $49.00 but very good.

Homesite - by Macromedia ($99.00) A little pricy, but excellent prooduct. This is the one I use.

CuteHTML by GlobalSCAPE. Singlue use license $37.95, 30-day evaluation period

1st Page 2006 FREE! This has been recommended as a good program. You can purchase an advanced version with add-ons of you like.

HTML-Kit FREE! Don't know anything about this one, but the price is right. Has as good support web site.
FTP Programs
cuteFTP FTP Program from Globalscape. Price $39.95.

WS_FTP Widely used FTP program from Ipswitch. Price $39.95.

FTP Voyager by RhinoSoft Excellent FTP Program. Price $49.95.

FileZilla Excellent FTP Program. Price FREE.
HTML References
R.L. Rouse site Neat things you can do with your web site.
W3 Schools Good tutorials and reference guide.

Website Tips Tips for building a website. Lots of good information here. Tips for building a website. References, tutorials and links to free grapics, etc.

CSS Reference from W3 Schools web site. A pretty good reference site for Style Sheets.

CSS Reference from the Microsoft web site. A pretty good reference site for Style Sheets.
Graphics, Scripts, etc. Free Graphics, scripts, more... Free Graphics, scripts, clipart, fonts, more...

Color Specifier Want to see what colors really look like on the web? Need the color codes? Here is the place. This site just has a lot of interesting information on it. Though you might be interested. Information about search engines also.
Standards and Validation
World Wide Web Consortium See what the lastest standards are in web and html development

World Wide Web Consortium A link to the W3C validation script.
Free Web Hosting Services

A note about these free services. These are probably pretty good if you are a hobbyist or just trying to get started and need somewhere to play. If you are trying to establish a business website you will want to get your own domain name.

While I haven't checked out each one of these individually, here is some information that may be useful and are generally true for all 'free' websites:
  • Free website will usually assign you a web address (url) something like
  • You may or not have use of email addresses. If you do, they will probably be limited to 1 - 10
  • You may have limited disk space available. Sometimes less that 10 meg. Although that would be plenty to start playing with.
  • You will probably have to tolerate banner ads associated with your site.
  • You may or may not have the ability to use some advanced techniques such as CGI, PHP, Databases, etc.
  • You may have little or no luck getting any search engine positioning.
If you are wanting to use the website for a business presence, you should probably make sure you understand the first item above. Having this type of url will immediately identify you as a free website and deminish your reputation before you even get started. Professional people view free websites as amateurish and will not view you as crediable if you are not even willing to invest the money to build a professional website. Think about it. Would you buy merchandise from a street corner vendor...not knowing if he was going to be there tomorrow or not?

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Other References
OpenOffice Several people asked for this link. This is a free open source download of a product that competes with Microsoft Office. This is free, but don't let that fool you. It creates files that are compatiable with Office and includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing packages and more. All free!
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