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Domain Name Registration Services

Roberts Computing Systems offers two levels of domain registration services for customers:

Option 1 - This option is for users who desire to host their website with Roberts Computing Systems. You still have total control over your domain name. You can designate yourself as the administrative contact for the domain. Roberts Computing Systems will be listed as the technical contact. We will take care of all the registration processes for you including registration, renewal notifications, etc. The cost of this service is $19.50/year. (You must be hosting your site with Roberts Computing Systems to utilize this option.)

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Option 2 - Use this option to renew a domain name for a site that you already have registered and are currently hosting with Roberts Computing Systems. The cost of this service is $19.50/year.

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Step 1.
Use the link below to determine if the name you want to regisiter is currenly available:

Enter the domain name below:

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