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Database Management Services

Databases have long been recognized in the computing industry as the most efficient way to store, process and access large amounts of data. Databases can contain information about your inventory, billing, personnel, contacts or just about any other information that needs to be widely distributed or made available to customers or company personnel.

In the beginning, databases were only available on large mainframe computers, making access restricted to in-house company personnel. When powerful PC's came along, databases could be distributed to field sales personnel or customers that needed the information. While this was much better than before, information still had to be constantly updated at these remote locations by sending tapes or diskettes containing the database updates. Information often arrived days or weeks late making the information almost obsolete before it could be distributed.

When the internet came along, people now had access to a company's web site. This allowed them immediate access to the information provided on the web site. Still the information updates relied on webmasters and other IS personnel to enter and update the information. This was alright for large corporations who could afford the staff that could spend the time necessary to keep the site updated on a day to day basis.

Recently, large database engines have also become available to web servers. This allows large web based databases to have direct links to a company's main database. This process requires a company to maintain a large web server on site along with the database engines to support them. Again, large corporations jumped on them. This still left the smaller companies, without large funds to draw on, out in the cold.

In an effort to bridge this gap, RCS has incorporated a database management system that allows small companies the capability to place their database on line for a small reasonable monthly fee. They do not even need their own server, or web site to maintain it.

Databases supported

The following databases are supported by RCS:

  • ODBC access using Visual Foxpro on Windows 2000 server with ASP scripting.
  • ySql access using PHP scriping on a Linux server
  • Flat file database file processing on Linux server
How it works

If you have an existing database, that database can be uploaded to our server. Programs are generated that allow you, and the users you allow, access to the database. Users can optionally have search only access or the ability to maintain the database. You can provide access to the database by providing a link from your site, or by directing users directly to our site. The database can be configured with many different options:

  • Users can search on any field that you designate including:
    • case sensitive searches

    • exact match searches

    • date range searches

    • numerical range searches

  • Databases can be open or password protected

  • Users can be required to register and be automatically allowed access

  • Users can be required to register, then the system can email you, requiring you to permit them access
  • System can automatically generate passwords, or allow users to generate their own.

  • Database can be sorted on the fields that you designate.

Databases can be used to store:

  • Your company catalog
  • Inventory
  • Large collections of articles
  • Large collections of graphical images
  • Status of orders
  • Repair locations


If a more advanced, robust database that requires faster access and larger storage capacity is needed, We can provide a ODBC database on our Windows 2000 server using ASP scripting and SQL access.

As the database administrator, you can either maintain the database on-line or offline. For a small fee, we can provide you with a database program that will allow you to maintain the database, including report generation, in your own office. The database can be downloaded and uploaded as changes need to be made. If you prefer, you can maintain the database with any text editor.


Click Here to see a demo of how the database systems works. The Database demo will open in a new browser window. After you have completed viewing the demo, close the window and this window will again be visible on your monitor.

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