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Calendar System

This service is available whether or not you have a RCS hosted web site.

System features include:

Three viewing modes; table, small table or text only.  These are selectable by the user and any one may be set as the default.
Configurable to allow visitors to look ahead or back one month or to be able to select any month to view.
Events can be entered for a single date, dates spanning several days or on a certain day each month.
Calendar can be configured to run from either Sunday to Monday or Monday to Sunday depending on whether or not you have a lot of weekend activities.
Calendars are preset with most national holidays and events.
Events displayed on the calendar can be easily linked by URL's to specific information pages.
Events can be scheduled as far in advance as the year 2899.  We will be expanding this restriction as we get closer to that date.

Click Here to see a demo of the calendar system

RCS Calendar is powered by WebCal

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