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Autoresponder request form

Autoresponders are very powerful mail tools. An autoresponders is an e-mail address that is set up to automatically email a file back to the requestor. An example of this would be a newsletter. When someone send an e-mail addresed to '' they would receive a copy of your newsletter in their e-mail account. You can also receive notifiction of who uses this service. Note: there is a one-time setup charge of $6.00 and a recurring $2.00 monthly charge per autoresponder account. Note: you must be hosting your domain with RCS to use this feature.

Please fill in the below information to request an autoresponder account:

Your Name:
Your Company:
Your Domain:
Your Email Address:
Enter Username:
This is the name that you will use to the left side of the e-mail address (example: newsletter)

Enter an email address where the email sent to the autoresponder should be forwarded:

Enter Reply To address:
This is the reply to address that will be sent with the email. (Example:

Enter subject for email sent by the autoresponder:
(Example: Information you requested)

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